Staff turned Volunteers


Liang Yi Ran – Operations Posted to a Swab Isolation Facility "People relied on me to churn out lots of documents within minutes! I learnt to stay calm during such urgent situations and still find time to check my work. It as a good learning experience." Eddy Jamal – Corporate Communications Posted to SingHealthy – Dormitory Medical Operations Team "It has been a fruitful journey to be part of the team providing operational support and ensuring conducive environment for the medical team. To me, every single bit of contribution counts, be it on the frontline or behind the scenes" Tay Lee Lian – Operations Posted to Swab Isolation Facility "I remember a migrant worker suddenly broke down after a doctor's routine review and refused to go back to his room as he felt lonely and scared. A nurse and I sat with him and lent a listening hear while trying to cheer him up. We were so glad when we finally saw a smile on his face."

Submission by: National Neuroscience Institute