No. 34 Kinta Road


When I was a young boy, I lived at No. 34 Kinta Road – which was bound by Serangoon Road and Race Course Road on each end – from 1963 to 1976. The Chung Hwa Free Clinic was located right at one end of our street facing Serangoon Road. The Chung Hwa Free Clinic at Kinta. This was the first branch of the Chung Hwa Medical Institution and this clinic became my family clinic. It was a free clinic and as such, we enjoyed free medical consultation with the Chinese Sinsehs, We had to pay a token charge for the prescribed Chinese medicine after our consultation. My mama was a regular patient and patron of this clinic as she loves TCM acupunctures. After a long hard day of household chores, she loves visiting the Sinsehs. Most of the Sinseh knew her and she knew everyone of them by their name. They always treat her to extra "jabs" of the needle. She loves the vibrations of the needles and found great "high and ecstasy" in the treatment. If you ever try to pinch here, she can look you with the eyes of a tigress and you hear her thunderous roars from 5km away. At any one time, she can take on 10 needles and she was never satisfied and wants more. She took just 3 minutes to walk to the clinic and can return home in less than a minute after treatment. It was always a long queue at the clinic and the toilets were always full. As such, she always hurried home visit the toilet after each and every visit. The morning after, mama will be re-energised and she can work like a tigress, with bigger eyes and a much louder voice. She can wash an extra barrel of clothes the next day. Such was the miraculous power or Chinese acupuncture on mama. I guess that was the little luxury of living close to a TCM clinic. Mama had at her disposal a fleet of errand boys – my brothers and myself, to collect and take queue numbers at the clinic at every opening hours. The Main Clinic of Chung Hwa Medical Institution was established in the 1952 at Telok Ayer Street. The first branch at Kinta Road was established in 17 March 1961. With the first branch came the second and the third branch and the rest of the branches. The First Branch closed in 1st November 1986 after 25 long years of medical service. The Kong family is happy to share our pleasant memories and past experiences. The Chung Hwa Free Clinic has provided my mama and our family much love and care.

Submission by: Linda Chuah / This is a text only submission